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Class Descriptions






  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Friday @ 8:15: English Class—Family members with limited English skills can learn more about how to communicate with their child’s teachers and in other social settings with the help of this weekly class. On the 4th Friday of the month, this class takes place from 12-2pm.

Taught by Dion Zizek from Refugee Transitions




  • 4th Friday @8:15: Principal Chat with Ms. Velasco

Parents, bring your celebrations, your concerns and suggestions to our monthly meeting with Principal Velasco. She is happy to hear from you!




  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Viernes @ 8:15: Clase de Ingles—Para padres con ganas de comunicar mejor en ingles con los maestros de sus nino@s y en otras ocaciones sociales. El cuarto viernes del mes esta clase toma lugar de las 12-2pm.

Ensenado por Dion Zizek de Refugee Transitions




  • 4th Viernes @ 8:15: Charla con Directora Velasco

Padres, traigan sus celebraciones, sus preocupaciones y sugerencias a nuestra platica mensual con Directora Velasco. Le agrada escuchar de ud!