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After School


At Bryant Elementary School we are lucky to have two quality after-school programs serving our community.  More than 200 students are enrolled in our after-school programs, where they receive homework help, enrichment activities, tutoring and youth development.

Mission Graduates:

This program serves 1st-5th grade students during the school year and runs a 5-week summer program.  To sign up, come to the office or down-load the application here (from the “locker” on the left). 

For more info, contact the program’s director, Paloma Lopez at

*You can visit their website by clicking here:


Early Education Department:

Run through the SFUSD school district, this program serves Kindergarten through 5th grade students and runs year-round. 

For more info, stop by Bryant’s main office, or contact the program’s secretary at 415-695-5784 or 415-695-5785.